our Team

Our team consists of people in whom the flame of love for horses burns. Instructors are real masters in transmitting knowledge to riders. Everyone in our team is patient, empathetic and professional. Keepers and veterinarians care about the health and well-being of horses, creating a peaceful environment for these wonderful creatures.

However, Kochul is not only about people working together. It’s a community spirit where each person has their own unique contribution and passion for horses. Every day spent at Kochul is a new adventure, new learning and new relationships. Here, horses are not just animals – they are friends, partners and a source of inspiration.



The owner of  “Kochul” is not only the leader, but also the soul of this magical place. Zbynio is a man with an extraordinary passion for horses and a constantly burning passion for creating an environment in which horses can flourish.



She has been a horse lover for years. She conducts classes harmoniously and smoothly. Whether galloping outdoors or delicate dressage work, it is carried out in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the horses and the rider. Ania runs horse riding classes with great passion. Her communication skills and ability to establish deep relationships with both horses and their riders are extremely valuable qualities. Trust and understanding is the fundamental teaching method that allows students to quickly develop their riding skills. Ania is responsible for registration, running recreation and for the Riding School.



Patrycja is an extraordinary person whose heart beats to the rhythm of hooves and whose life is a true ode to horses. Patrycja is an enthusiast and expert whose love for horses is contagious. Patrycja is not only an experienced rider, but also a qualified instructor conducting horse classes. Her approach to teaching is full of empathy and patience, which makes both beginners and advanced riders feel comfortable with her. Her ability to impart knowledge is not only effective, but also inspiring, helping students achieve their riding goals.



Ola is a true horse enthusiast and an excellent riding teacher. With many years of experience in working with horses and riders. Ola has created a friendly and professional environment in which everyone can develop their riding skills. She is patient and empathetic, which allows her to perfectly understand the needs and expectations of her clients. Her lessons are tailored to both beginners and advanced riders, so everyone can find the right level of learning. She cares not only about the riding techniques, but also about the health and well-being of horses and riders.



Natalia is passionate about horse riding and fully devoted to the Kochul community. Natalia is not only an excellent instructor, but also a horse lover, which makes her a unique person in the world of equestrianism. Her approach to working with horses is full of patience and understanding of the needs of each horse, which allows for the creation of a harmonious and trusted relationship with these animals. Her lessons are conducted in a dynamic way, but adapted to both beginners and advanced riders. Natalia helps her students develop their riding skills, while ensuring the safety and well-being of both horses and riders.